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INSIGHT is BCP’s Care Experienced Young People’s (CEYP) Forum. INSIGHT is open to all CEYP aged 17-25 and meets every other week at 333 (BCP’s care experienced Hub). INSIGHT creates a platform for care experienced young people to have a voice and create positive change to the lived experiences of all Children in Care and CEYP.

INSIGHT is also a valuable opportunity to meet others with similar lived experiences to make new friends, support each other and have fun. 


Some of the work INSIGHT have done includes:

  • Championed and supported development of Care Leaver’s Hub (333)
  • Co-chaired and represented young people’s voices Corporate Parenting Board meetings
  • Attended Corporate Parenting Board meetings as board members in addition to the co-chair
  • Worked with the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) service to improve the consultation forms for young people
  • Worked with the IRO service to improve the worker profile format that is sent out to young people
  • Designed and delivered training for social workers in their ASYE year
  • Interviewed for many new staff positions in BCP including service and team managers
  • Helped to develop and create a new post, Mental Health Pathways Practitioner, to support care experienced young people to access right support for them.
  • Championed the improvement of the local care leaver’s offer
  • Supported the development of the Corporate Parenting Strategy

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