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Quality Assurance Service

Quality Assurance Service

The Quality Assurance Service is made of Practice Learning Reviewers who are all linked to key service areas. Reviewers provide support and challenge to managers and practitioners across the service to support the development of practice reviewing skills. Reviewers provide regular feedback to service areas on the learning from monthly and thematic practice learning reviews.

The Quality Assurance Framework provides information on BCP’s approach to QA:

  • Practice Learning Reviews (PLR) are completed by all managers within the service and at all levels.
  • All managers complete one collaborative Practice Learning Review each month.
  • Collaborative PLRs are completed by managers alongside practitioners to support their professional development.
  • PLRs that identify immediate concern or graded Inadequate PLR grading are shared within 24 hours and allocated team have management grip and responsibility to ensure children are safe.
  • Collaborative PLRs include the voice of the child and their family.
  • PLRs are moderated by Practice Learning Reviewers within the Quality Assurance Service in partnership with the manager who has completed the PLR.
  • The Quality Assurance Service will allocate a link Practice Learning Reviewer for each Service
  • Actions will be tracked on a shared database between the QA Service and Service areas. Responsibility of allocated team to update tracker.
  • The allocated SW, TM are responsible for achieving the actions. QA will have oversight.
  • The Quality Assurance Service will attach the PLR to the child’s electronic record.


More information regarding the Quality Assurance Framework can be found here