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The Voices of our Young People

The Voices of our Young People

The voice of children and young people is central to all services that impact upon them, ranging from those young people who are in the care of the local authority to the more universal needs of children and young people in BCP.

We asked young people what they think makes a good social worker to help us learn more about what is important to them

“My social worker helps me building my self-esteem by doing activities with me.”

“Tells me what is going on, and don’t keep things from me!”

“My social worker is always honest with me. They understand me and took time to get to know me well.”

“I like it when my social worker takes me out to places like for ice cream, or a drive in their car.”

“My social worker listens to my worries and when I’m sad, and helps me with my family problems.”

A Charter for SEND

In 2020-21 the team have supported SEND colleagues to develop a charter for young people with additional needs in BCP.

The SEND Improvement Board have taken the main priorities away to reflect, and respond, to the messages they have heard. A representative from the young people’s session is attending the next SEND Improvement Board meeting to be part of this discussion.

Some areas, for example disabled access to the beach, has already resulted in partnerships being formed between seafront officers, the young people involved in the piece of work and their schools.

Superhero social workers

We asked children in care to create their own superhero social worker. We wanted to know their name, their superpower and how they help children in care.

Super Hearing Louise

Name: Super Hearing Louise

Superpower: Super Hearing

How does she help children in care? By keeping people safe online

super hearing Louise

Blaze and his Blazing Powers

Name: Blaze and his Blazing Powers

Superpower: He can help control anger

How does he help children in care? Stop evil, heal and give happiness

blaze and his blazing powers

Wonder Woman Emily

Name: Wonder Woman Emily

Superpower: Help and listen, arrange new things, listens, helps, never interrupts

How does she help children in care? Helps to change things, come and see mum with me, takes me out, makes things happen

wonder woman Emily

Ice Cream Lady

Name: Ice Cream Lady

Superpower: Bring joy to life

How does she help children in care? Looks out for children and adults

ice cream lady


Name: Spaghetti

Superpower: Take people to where they want to go

How does she help children in care? Helps children in care by giving them flowers and bring their mummy to them


Super Hero Helping Sam

Name: Super Hero Helping Sam

Superpower: Help fostering even better

How does she help children in care? Come and see us when we see mum and dad. She is here to help us if we need her.

super hero helping sam