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Access to resources

Access to Resources Team (ART)

The Access to Resources Team (ART) is the equivalent to an internet search engine for any resource that a child or family needs, if the need is identified within a care plan or Educational Healthcare and Care Plan (EHCP).

The team have access to a wide range of commissioned services to meet all needs.

Services include, for example childcare, translator, carpet cleaner, short break respite provision, as well as all statutory placement provision for children in care and educational provision for pupils with an or Educational Healthcare and Care Plan (EHCP).

When commissioning services, the Access to Resources Team adhere to the local authority procurement and financial regulations. All services are accredited to ensure compliance with insurance, safeguarding and safer recruitment standards as a minimum.

The team follows the journey of the child, from providing services at an Early Help / Edge of Care stage through to statutory services when a child enters local authority care.

A fundamental aspect of the Access to Resources Teams (ART) role is strategic commissioning to aid the process for understanding, planning, and delivering better health and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people. The analysis of service ‘gaps’ and the effectiveness of existing provision and developing plans and strategies to meet those needs with available service resources. Our strategic commissioning cycle is based on the cycle of analyse, plan, do, and review. This ethos exists and is embedded throughout the team’s work.

Access to Resources has been cited as ‘good practice’ in respect of its consortia contract management in reports by the National Association of Fostering Providers (NAFP) and the Independent Childrens Home Association (ICHA).

The team practices relationship-based commissioning and has positive working relationships with all the key providers used by BCP Council. This enables placements to be made at short notice and to avoid unsuitable emergency placements. Key relationships include large scale national organisations, supported housing providers, other local councils like Dorset Council and small community providers. SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) – Resources