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Workforce development

Workforce Development Team

Planning for workforce development is of great importance in a challenging national and local context of increasing demands and decreasing resources. BCP Council is committed to being a strong learning organisation.

We want BCP Council to be a place where people want to live and work. We value our workforce and recognise that they are our most valuable asset. We want to deliver high quality, professional development opportunities for all our staff.

The Workforce Development Team’s priorities are:

  1. Embedding and sustaining good practice right from the start; getting the basics right.
  2. Developing career pathways and staff that are committed to best practice standards.
  3. Embedding a strengths-based model of practice and ensuring the child is at the front and centre of everything we do in BCP Children’s Services.
  4. Delivering services that keep children and young people safe and help families achieve positive outcomes.

We understand that learning, development and progression opportunities are important to our staff. Therefore, we deliver a range of opportunities for staff to build on their skills, knowledge, and practice.